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Reissue: Joe Young - Creator/Film Producer

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Joe Young is one of the most influential multimedia creators in the New England market. His accomplishments in the entertainment business are many.

Joe wrote a best selling novel, Diamond Ruff, and went on to make a feature film based on the novel. Joe was the first CT native to receive major distribution for a book-to-film project made and based in CT, with theater releases in locations such as LA and Atlanta. Big names, such as Felicia Pearson, Fredro Starr and Freddie Jackson starred in the film.

After meeting songwriter and record producer Maurice Starr, who discovered the bands New Edition and New Kids On The Block, Joe started working with Starr and his latest boy band, NK5. He became president of Starr’s record company, overseeing many projects including the visual development of NK5.

Joe Young is the co-publisher of The City Beat magazine and brings his decades of experience, a highly professional team and a multitude of resources to our publication.

Joe Young is in the Guinness Book of World Records

Joe created the comic strip titled Scruples, which was picked up by Religious News Service (RNS), a news agency in New York covering religion, ethics, spirituality and moral issues. He literally took his comic strip to the next level by creating one that was the length of a football field. This earned him the Guinness World Record for creating the “World’s Largest Comic Strip.

Joe is a full time student at Goodwin University in East Hartford, CT, working on his Bachelor’s, (I might add he just made the President’s List - you know, for those who can maintain a straight A average!)

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