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New single from THE WHISPERS

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

The legendary Whispers have been making hit R&B records for over 50 years. The are back with a timely, new record entitled "How Long". Click on photo below to see the magazine.

. It all started in the early 60s when Walter and Wallace “Scotty” Scott were perming as the Scott Twins. They met and like the sounds of a group called the Eden Trio that consisted of Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hudsonand Gordy Hamon. They decided to merge into one group that became The Whispers.

They really liked singing 3- and 4-part harmonies and imitating such groups as the Hi-Lo’s and The Four Freshmen. They never had a bass singer and relied on their smooth harmonies that slowly evolved into the sound that we hear today.

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“We see the things that are happening with George Floyd. Back in the 6o’s and 70’s, the same thing was happening. In fact, we had a song “Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong Before They Notice Me”. Well, that was a message song that was dealing with what was going on at that time. The same way things are happening today which is what cause us to end dealing how long. We’re asking the question, ‘how long do we have to continue to put up with what we are putting up with today?’”, said Walter.

The Whispers have created a couple of variations for the video of "How Long". Here is one of them that captures the essence of the song.

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